About Us

Victoria Baths is Grade II* listed and widely recognised as Britain’s finest historic swimming pool. First opened in 1906, the Baths has played an important part in the health and well-being of local people and is now, in its partially restored state, a very popular heritage and events venue.

When the Baths closed in 1993, there was a vigorous reaction in the local community. The campaign to try and prevent closure of the Baths became the Friends of Victoria Baths and a charitable trust - the Victoria Baths Trust - was set up with the aim of fully restoring the building and bringing it back in to public use. After years of neglect, the Trust took control of the building in 2001.

Victoria Baths has come a long way since then. Significant restoration has taken place and the building now has over 30,000 visitors a year enjoying a wide range of activities including exhibitions, festivals and weddings. There is still a lot of work to be done and the Trust remains determined to bring the amazing building back to its full potential.

Every purchase you make will help make sure that Victoria Baths will be enjoyed for years to come.
Registered charity number 1026351